CEO Monica Brewer

Monica Brewer, is the founder and CEO, of Brewer Financial Firm formerly Phoenix Business & Tax Solutions. She has over fifteen years in business and financial experience and prides herself on building relationships with her clients.
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CFO Larry Brewer

Larry has a degree in business management and is an experienced tax preparer. He specializes in working with taxes that do not contain EIC. His position with BFF, LLC is to be responsible for financial operations in relation to payables, receivables, expenses, and treasury. He handles payroll, deposits, referrals, and makes decisions in regards to the financial operation of BFF, LLC. 

Raven Brewer

Raven's educational background includes executive administrator, assistant, and office manager. She is the director of marketing and as COO is s responsible for the day to day operations of the organization including hiring staff. It is her job to implement and execute the policy and plans created and validated by the CEO. Raven has been with the company for 7 years. She is a seasoned tax preparer and specializes in amendments.