We are excited to bring to you the convenience and efficiency of filing your taxes online. The following are the steps that are necessary to accurately submit your files to Brewer Financial Firm.

Our virtual tax filing steps:

1. Schedule a virtual appointment. We will send you an email confirming the appointment along with a tax checklist in order for us to prepare your return more efficiently. Please review this checklist and use it as a guideline to help organize your tax information.

 2. The meeting will be held over the phone. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to scan or take a picture with your smartphone and upload your tax document through our secure and encrypted client portal or via fax, whichever method is most convenient.

3. We will review your documents and answer your questions and provide a price quote. Most tax returns are completed during your scheduled appointment time.

4. Once you have approved your estimate, you will request proof of identity (Picture ID and Social Security Cards) for all persons listed on the return.

5. Clients will be granted access to our client portal where you are able to review our Welcome Letter, Consent Forms and read the information regarding our bank product options, sign the necessary forms, upload their tax documents for preparations, and receive notifications that the return is complete.

6. A final copy of your taxes will be emailed or mailed to you for your records.